Suit Yourself

At some point in your life, you will have to buy a suit. It may be down to your job, your girlfriend or your mum, either way you want to look good. So you have no idea where to start when it comes to suits?

Well let this post inspire you and give you tips on what to look for when picking what to suit & boot yourself in.


The Unwritten rules of Suit Etiquette

Match the Width of the Necktie to the Width of Lapels

When you choose a tie to wear with your suit, take into account the lapels and the width of them. Your tie and lapels should be roughly the same width, this will make your suit look more organised and less awkward.

Match Your Socks with Your Trousers

Many men overlook this rule, but it can make a lot of difference. When you sit down in a suit, you can see your socks, so try and wear socks which match the colour of your trousers.

For a more Modern appearance, choose Thin Lapels

Thin Lapels are seen as more ‘modern’ that wider ones. This means if you choose Thin Lapels, it will give your suit a more up to date look.

Your Tie Should be Darker than Your Shirt

Many fashion experts recommend choosing a tie which is darker than your shirt. This is because it attracts attention to the centre of your suit and contrasts the colour of your shirt.

If Your suit is a 3 Piece, Leave the Bottom Button Unfastened on the Vest

Some men go for a 3 piece suit and take on a vest as well as the jacket and trousers. If this is the case, leave the bottom button unfastened to keep the look comfortable.

Leave Half an Inch of Shirt Sleeve Cuffs Exposed

Many assume that shirt cuffs should be covered,but many fashion experts say leaving half an inch of the shirt cuff showing can compliment the suit and give an overall better look.




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